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HellyxDamian Who?

Ever heard of Hellydgreat (Helly D Great) and Damian?? With 178,000+ likes on her Facebook page, no less than a thousand likes on each post and she only started her page on the 6th of March of this year and 13,900+ followers on twitter I bet you have seen one of her works and if not … why not? 
I wuv you

The annonymous creator of HellyxDamian comic series who
goes by the name of Hellydgreat 
or Helly Bean on Facebook is from Cainta Rizal, Philippines. Her favorite food is chips (that’s why Damian gets angry tsk tsk tsk). Other things she love beside annoying her Damian are sleeping, eating and doodling. 


Curious of her other name Helly Bean?

“Helly Bean is what I am going to use once Damian and I get married hahahaha (because he is Damian Bean).”  

(Photos: www.fb.com/hellydgreat.art/)

Helly’s doodles [for HellyxDamian series] are when she misses her Damian, which is all the time, as she mentioned. She draws scenes on the comics, which are very relatable (very much for most people), to reminisce the feelings and memories she and Damian have when Damian is still here in the Philippines.

When asked when the series came to be, she said that the people [her friends, colleagues and of course Damian] saw the impact and effect of her first few doodles to other people and due to the pressure from them, she decided to start a page, share more of her doodles, enjoy what she loves and let us enjoy it.

Do you need an answer for who inspires her to continue doodling? 

“… basically it’s just Damian who inspires me to continue doodling.”

But she also gets inspirations on art in general to artists like Kawanocy, OrangaSekaii, Aoi Ogata, Kyrie Meii and Van Gogh. 

After this series became a hit she didn’t expect it at all and she got teasing from her friends on how the scenarios are so cringey and all she got for them is, 

“Didn’t do those for you. Don’t over react.”

And asking her what is the most surprising thing happened when her works became popular,

“What surprised me are the the pages who shared my doodles without my watermark in it, not even credits. Hahaha.”

cute couple animation

According to her Damian in one word is,


of course Helly in one word is,

HELLY = CUTE(lang)  

Now let’s go to the topic you guys are very into, love and relationship.

She mentioned, that Damian and her talk about everything from the lamest and most serious issue. And a love advice from Helly,

“Communication is the key to all misunderstanding…” 

People in LDR like them this one is for you,

“LDR is never a joke, it’s very hard and very challenging. All you can do is to trust your BB, be transparent about everything, have a sincere communication, and of course let your bb feel he’s loved despite the distance.”

I miss you animation

Talk people. Talk with your bb. Not just about the good things but also the struggles, “not-so-good-things”. It’s hard in the beginning but when you get used to, it will just be natural. Being open  will make things better for the relationship and for your well-being. 

Make extra effort to catch up talk about how both your days went. Let your bb feel you are near even in reality you maybe in the opposite side of earth, your time time-zones don’t meet. Be more patient. 

And to the the pips out there who are not in LDR make efforts as well. You are one lucky couple. You have the privilege to be with your love any time. Don’t waste it. That will be all and I thank you.

For the aspiring artist out there Ms. Helly D Great have some words for you guys to,

“… Post  your art not for other people, post it because you want others to give you criticisms and so you know which to improve.”

As for the hypersensitive madla, as what Helly calls them, 

“HAHAHAHAHAHA. Hanap BB sa comment section para hindi bitter.”

To reduce the bitter madla maybe this other comic will help them find their own BBs…


If you can’t relate to HxD there is PBxRY (Phoebe & Arwai) another story from Helly D Great. I bet this is the life story some. Their series is titled PB’s Misadventures. You can also check them out in the same page as HellyxDamian’s series. Let’s also give them love <3 

hellybean pbThe inspiration of their story is way back from when Helly D Great was still in highschool. At the time, she already draw romance comics and has a lot of cringey ideas and decided to create Phoebe and Arwai. 

And for all the PB’s out there here’s for you from Helly, 

“Be like PB, do the first move. Hahaha.”

(Photos: www.fb.com/hellydgreat.art/)

Message from Helly to all of us,

“Message hmm, please don’t stop loving Helly and Damian hahaha.”

Helly D Great as we all know is very witty. We can see it through her doodles how she answer in fan comments, but it is just the tip of her true personality, beyond that is a very deep, God centered person who just want to share her works, entertain and make people happy and just reminisce her moments with her love. 

And for the people who always ask how long their relationship is here is the answer for your ultimate question, 

4ever hellydgreat
Photo from www.fb.com/hellydgreat.art/

You can send her your fan arts just follow the format: