Tips to Overcome Shyness

Being shy is one characteristic that becomes a major hindrance in a person’s life. Shyness is the feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is around other people. This “problem” is very hard to overcome because it somehow became a part of us since we are young.

We have received a story submission from one of our readers. According to 24 [codename], ang hirap maging mahiyain, sagabal  sa lahat.

To 24:

“Maraming Salamat sa pagbabahagi ☺ Maraming dahilan kung bakit tayo nahihiya pero madami ring pwedeng gawing dahilan para i-overcome at hindi gawing sagabal ‘to. Sometimes being shy takes away opportunities and sometimes this becomes a barrier, this blocks people. We can’t  also express what we feel, tell ideas and thoughts about something and who we really are. Shyness limits us in many things. We cannot show our full potential (most of the time) because shyness holds us back. This also affects the people around us and how we communicate and behave around them.  Don’t be a wallflower, be a social butterfly.  It feels good to be able to express our thoughts and views. Gradually, try to over come it. You will feel better. There are all sorts of reasons and there are ways to look onto it positively .” — Taga Payo 

We also prepared some tips and ways that you may try in your life in order to overcome shyness.

1. Name it. Try to eliminate it.

The very first step is to list down all the worries and jitters that triggers your shyness. Name them, and try to plan how are you going to eliminate them.

Tips To Overcome Shyness

2. Be confident. (but not over confident)

Having self confidence will somehow give you strength to face people and do things you want. Confidence comes through learning, practice, and mastery.

Let’s take for example a student who wants to join a singing contest will keep on practicing until he masters his song piece. So during the contest proper, he will have the confidence to sing his heart out because he knows that he is well prepared.

3. Accept that we may sometimes fail.

One of the major factors that trigger us to be shy is a failure. We are living in a world where in people around us have so many expectations for us, that’s why when we fail, we tend to lose our self trust and starting to think that we cannot do this, we cannot do that.

Accepting that we will really experience failure will help us to continue life with the same level of confidence we have. Remember, failure is the best stepping stone towards success. It’s not about your failure that really matters, it’s about how you stand and rise again from it.

4. Talk

This means participating in small talks with people, try to communicate with them and meet new friends. There are seven billion people on this planet. You’re not expected to like or be liked by all of them. However, it’s for sure that there are people who will you and will care for you.

5. Try new things. Get out of your comfort zone.

Part of overcoming shyness is about developing confidence in several areas of your life and not letting anxiety, fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of humiliation gets in your way. Also, trying new things will make those uncomfortable situations part of your comfort zone.

6. Be proud of who you are.

A song once said, “I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes“.

You know your capabilities, you know your weaknesses, and you know who you really are. Everyone has their own beauty and as long as you are not doing anything wrong, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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